The year of ripeness. The estate now covers 20 hectares (49.42 acres) of vines, incuding 5 (12.36 a) we were never be able to fit into our tiny ex-garage. So we only kept the best fruits. We were not worried as it was the way we wanted it: the vines are all treated like a «Grand Cru» and this year they were magnificent. Choices during the harvest were cornelian but quality was preserved. An old cellar in the village was re-opened, and its old concrete tanks repaired to produce «Les Sorcières». The quality of this cuvee has further improved thanks to the availability of grapes from our first Syrah plantings. Behind the caterpillar tractor, a highly sensitive tool caresses the trunks of the old vines which «Moustouille» (shiver with delight in Catalan) at being so well cared for. We planted a tiny amount of cabernet franc from cuttings as well as a few acres of Tempranillo: just to make sure that everyone can still call us crazy….

Great year for Fine Wine as well as truffles, which is rare occurrence.