The windy year. At the very least, for 200 days. Wind from the sea or the cold and strong Tramontane, freezing your stomach in winter and making you crazy in summer. It was the first harvest of the new parcel of Syrah from the Granite soil in Lesquerde. The unusual name we chose will probably once more get us noticed. The wine is exceptional, and that’s all that matters. In March, when the team was barely recovering, we were called to save 30 hectares (74 acres) of vines and 40 (90 acres) of olive grove condemned to be pulled-up. Impossible.

We don’t have the means, financial, equipment or human. We take a look anyway and were struck by lightning. As the team rolled up its sleeves, we put our thinking caps on. Our banker supported us. With the help of the Safer, we are now tenant-farmers for the next two years. Will we succeed? Who knows, but the trees and the vines are saved. First crop of olives, to eat and making oil. The harvest was easy sunny and done in good spirits. The yeast was a bit lazy and the alcoholic fermentation ended in the spring; but the wines revealed themselves: creamy, sensual, full of fruit and silky tannins. In English we say «Pashmina tannins». We couldn’t have hoped for more to celebrate our tenth harvest.