The «Sister Anne» year, waiting for water that never came. Mild winter, dry, with a few storms in the spring, perfect for budding. Beautiful grapes. And then four months of drought with grey skies, clouds ready to burst, with 15 to 20 days during the summer. But no rain, in spite of our prayers, invocations, dances and songs … Still, the vines remained green, even in the heart of summer, thanks to winds coming from the sea. We tried to integrate the Mas de la Chique, like «the boa from the Little Prince who had swallowed an elephant», with its 15,000 abandoned olive trees and vines. The rain came on September 11, like a gift sent by God, invigorating the thirsty vines and allowing us to harvest shiny grapes, black as ebony.

The vinification took place without any problems; the wines are sexy despite the tannins quite present. It is the first vintage of our new cuvee of Cabernet Franc, «un faune avec son fifre sous les oliviers sauvages» (a faun playing his flute under the wild olive trees). The 849 bottles produced were snapped up in five days. On the label, the faun will change every year and age with us. Tiny harvest of green olives, beautiful black Lucca.