Dry and cold winter until March, with regular rain, but no noticeable excess. Dry summer, hot July, with a good shower on the 23rd. The month of August was very hot and therefore considered a «normal» year here: hot, dry. We he had to wait to reach optimum phenolic maturity. After twelve harvests, I’m no longer the inexperienced young man I was in the beginning; I learned to leave time to time. I now have a solid team and, for the first time, I feel like I can finally take some «distance», step back from the daily craziness to think about what to do or not to do, both are equally important. Slight changes in aging the Vieilles Vignes by transferring the black Grenache to small cement tanks. I increased the amount of Mourvèdre in the Clos des Fees for they looked so beautiful. A new cuvee, «Image Dérisoire» (ridiculous image), made with Tempranillo, blended by pure intuition with a bit of black Carignan, completes my trilogy of «strange» wines, my space for freedom.