What’s the vintage of the century? Exceptional quality. An impression of abundance. A feeling of «ease» throughout the growing cycle. Fun harvest, long and serene. The wines were good right from the time of running off, and will remain that way until the last day of their lives, probably for a very long time. If this is the definition of «vintage of the century», 2011 is one of those for us in Roussillon.

Rain in the spring, beautiful buds on all varieties, gorgeous flowers, cool summer, gray, but no rain, 60 days of good weather during the harvest, yet without a day over 30 degrees Celcius (86 f), cold nights, we had all the time needed to harvest and make wine with beautiful grapes. Mid-harvest, our tanks were full and realized that, perhaps, we won’t be able to bring everything in. The good weather allowed us to wait, plot by plot, for the last grape to be fully ripe. Concentration, finesse and especially, exceptional fruit. A dream year, we’ll talk about for a long time.