Fire among the vines. On June 28th, a serious heatwave along with burning sirocco winds destroyed the vines of those who didn’t look at the weather forecast and treated the vines with sulphur even up to the day before. It was 52 degrees in the Gard region. The ten-day weather forecast saved us. It got suddenly cold in May and then a scorching Summer followed. It was an early harvest in the plain because the vines came out and on September 12th, a magical rain started the ripening process again and slowed down the cycle creating a deep and long maturing.

Sumptuous Syrah, Mourvèdre to die for, the blends were obvious and the barrel warehouse was full for the first time after I blew the kitty on buying brand new barrels. From Spring onwards, the wines tasted wonderful, high quality, evident. I felt like singing. Clos des Fées is halfway somewhere between tautness and strength, like a petite Sibérie, as sharp as a knife, with an almost knotty finish. The vintage will outlast me.