The year of Covid of course… In February, general lockdown. Worried about their families, our loyal tractor drivers thought about going back to Poland. It rained all the time and everything became very complicated. For ten days, we tried to find alternative solutions and saw a potential outcome on the horizon: losing 100% of the harvest. Fully supporting each other, we started working again – which felt more like battling – in a year where for the whole of Spring, the rain never stopped. We know this by now, the mildew years mean more work but still give a lot, especially as a dry and hot Summer allowed for a perfect harvest. The cellar kept up with it all, the harvest was intense, the Sorcières vintage is probably one of the best ones and the Domaine de la Chique is unequivocal. Very little of Clos des Fées, a drastic selection.

Meeting with Jean-Yves Bizot. We were both in awe of each other. Wooden tank, whole harvest, without any sulphur, no intervention. The pinot project is fruitful and the wine moves us, creating this “extra touch of soul” which we had hoped for, eight years before. The hillside has definitely changed a lot… A new future is taking shape.