An encounter

Without taking time to think, but just following my instinct, I chose this place to live fully my passion for wine. After starting as a young sommelier, then owner of a humble restaurant, an apprentice writer on wine and fine food, it was clear to me that when I reached a turning point in my life, I needed to cross over to the «producing» side to finally be able to learn – for lack of understanding – about all the stages a piece of dark wood goes through to give birth, years later, to an unforgettable nectar.

A few plots of old vines, a pair of secateurs, a weeding hoe and a second-hand back-pack sprayer; the only tools used by many growers in this region, far from the useless profusion of massive means and technology. That’s how I started, on a bright morning in 1997, without any money, or anything at stake, or great ambitions, but full of great dreams.

Quickly, the skin gets colored and tan, the hands cut and harden, the whole body suffers, tenses up and often stiffens. Now I know: the reality of daily life in the vineyard is far removed from the muffled atmosphere of star studded restaurants.