The Terroir of Lesquerde

The plots from the estate’s vineyard are far apart one from another. This is one of the factors for the quality of our wines. Travelling 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) in one direction, then 12 (7.46 miles) in another is the price to pay for having exceptional grapes to vinify.

And things are not about to get easier. The granite-based soils of Bélesta and Lesquerde located 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) apart are treasure troves. In the past, people would go on foot to their plots, often walking for over an hour and a half, having set out before daybreak. So what’s wrong with driving 45 minute with a tractor or a truck?

The Japanese are adepts of «reverse thinking». Easier said than done! Having our plots located so far apart makes things more complicated and expensive. But during the harvest, this wide variety of flavors and ripening gives us unlimited possibilities. Things become clear, and wash away any fatigue and problems.