De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté

Pure Syrah. Hillside plot located in a complex granitic amphitheater, 600 m (1968.5 ft) above sea level, facing south, southeast, in the town of Lesquerde. Unique terroir, full with minerals (quartz, mica, feldspar). Low pH, looks like poor soil, well drained, yet surprisingly fertile. Easy rooting, allowing good access to water resources. Parcel of approximately 3 hectares (7.41 acres) with thirty years old vines, bush pruning, replanted in 2007 on 2.10 m (6.9 ft) individual poles. Hard pruning. Classic work in green: buds and lateral shoots removal and moderate leaf-thinning. Late parcel. We look for technological ripeness instead of phenolic in order to maintain “fresh fruit” and enrich the aromatic palette. Rapid fermentation with vigorous and frequent pumping-over. Maximum ventilation. Maceration 20 days, keeping the cap submerged. Early malolactic fermentation, moderate addition of SO2 and rapid clarification by successive racking. Aged in vats for five to six months. Bottled in April / May, following light filtration to capture all the energy of an adolescent wine.