Sorcières Blanc

Young grapes from Vermentino and Roussanne planted in 2011 in limestone-clay soils. Both multi-clonal planting and massal selection on a dense parcel plot- 7000ft/ha on 3309 rootstock. Old Maccabeo grapes (1945 plantation) located in ‘Lou Bac’, standard gauge per square which means 1,65 x 1,65.

Maximum ripeness is aimed for, as well as moderate alcohol content. Grapes hand-picked in the morning, and then transported in refrigerated trucks. Whole grapes directly pressed at a low heat and low pressure (5 hours) in order to preserve the fruit and stop oxidation. Light debourbage to enable the growth of lees necessary to the yeast’s autolysis. Low heat fermentation with natural yeasts in tanks. Maturation on fine lees, fining with clay, early bottling in February. A fruity, airy, tasty first impression on the palate, a taut wine but just what you need, ripe and crisp with a thirst-quenching and easy to digest finish, which makes you want to swig it down. An obvious choice for mediterranean-style cooking.