Foire aux questions

What exactly does the word «Clos des Fées» ?

In French, a «Clos» is a small parcel of vines surrounded by walls. A Fée is a «mythical being, in general a woman, with magical powers» which she uses with the help of a magic wand. Le Clos des Fees is a vineyard where the fairies would have lived, if they existed. The place is very isolated, beautiful, wild, very romantic which inspired us for the name.

I live in another country: Could you let me know who imports the Clos des Fees in my country?

Luckily, the Clos des Fees is already available in thirty countries through passionate and fascinating distributors.

The best way is to email us by clicking HERE; we will send you a list of our distributors in your country or we will explore with you the best way to send wine anywhere you want in the world, if the rules of the country permit…

How can we get in touch you?

Our contact info is listed in the CONTACT section and we can be reached with a single click.
We are always delighted to receive comments on your experience tasting, your emotions (we are working on a way to showcase them!)
In case of any problems, we will make every effort to correct them. Even if, like all human beings, we prefer compliments to criticism, both are equally important to us. So do not hesitate to let us know.
Of course. But as we are often in the vineyards, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment several days in advance, by mail or telephone. We will welcome you and taste the wines available, and, possibly, depending on the period of the year, taste wine in barrels.
You will find in the contact page a map and directions to help you, we hope, find your way to our place.
We always keep wine for friends who are kind enough to come and see us, including old vintages.
We will do our best to ensure you do not leave empty-handed. But we can only store bottles in the entrance of the house, so, we only have a limited amount…


How can we regularly stay in touch with you ? Do you have a mailing list?

To receive news from us, the best way is through our blog where you can now easily register. It is only in French, but we hope to have it available in other languages.
On the bottom right corner, you will find links to Twitter and Facebook.
By giving us your email in the CONTACT section, you will be added to our mailing list so we can let you know if we organize a tasting in your country.

What is the Clos des Fees network?

This feature is only available in France for now.

I learned that some customers of the Clos des Fees are now shareholders. Is it still possible to join?

We have actually had one hundred shareholders join in autumn 2011, as part of a tremendous increase in capital.
For now, we are not looking to add any, but we might in the future.
Contact us for additional details, we can add you to our waiting list and will keep you informed.