The Terroir of Opoul

Geology and exposure are essential factors in understanding a terroir, at least if the goal is to create a unique wine, harmonious, able to give a simple emotion or an existential experience. But «history» of the vine is equally important. Having the chance to inherit old vines, we always try to know who planted them, with which technical means, at what period, why and in which economic and cultural context? Vines are clearly a continuation of a «family» story, which alone gives the key of understanding each terroir and identify the course of actions to take. In addition to Genotype (soil, subsoil, preparation, and genetic quality of the plan) you also have «Phenotype», which includes an ensemble of acquired characteristics from the climate to human intervention, good or bad. Only by incorporating the concept of «gestalt» association between a place, a plant and men, that terroir can take his meaning.