The Terroir from Espira de l’Agly

Should the vines suffer in order to express themselves? Do the poorest terroir, the most miserable vines; exhausted winemakers produce the best wines? That was my belief 15 years ago. I don’t believe it anymore today. Still, low yields seem to be more than ever the keystone for a great wine. But for a wine for lunch, or a weekend, an everyday wine, festive, delicious with bright fruit and youth, healthy vines with balanced nutrition and regular supply of water are more likely to produce pleasant wines that everyone can understand and enjoy. To further improve the fruit and tension of the Sorcières, we «adopted» in 2011 a new terroir by Espira de l’Agly. The result: wine bursting with energy and fruit, beyond our expectations, and a perfect blend of old Grenache and hillside Carignan.