A blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes planted on layers of shales and mica-schist soil in Espira de l’Agly. The richness of the terroir allows a high yield for the Roussillon (45hl/ha), the key to the wine’s drinkability. A young vine full of energy and well-balanced despite its significant thickness. 35 year old Cinsault planted on stony clay-limestone. A Mourvèdre selection. Harvest on the hillside at the beginning of the phelonic ripeness in order to keep a moderate alcohol content as well as some degree of acidity essential to the future balance of the wine. Short maceration and fast fermentation with natural yeasts. Botted in January in order to maintain all the bright, fresh fermentation aromas.

A very clear and translucent wine, reminiscent of pinot noir… Refined and powerful nose with a clear and complex emphasis on fresh fruit evoking withered rose, currant and tints of humus. Smooth, pure and flowing wine with extremely delicate tannins thanks to its low alcohol content. A surprisingly fluid, strong and fresh finish – a rare combination nowadays which can be unsettling. To be served at the same temperature as a white or rosé wine.